Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Charming Torrie" Dog Charm- More on how it came about

We made an appointment to bring Torrie to her vet to check out the lumps that were continuing to pop out.  We were hoping it was a reaction to the pine but her vet had that worried look on her face.  She wanted to do some tests to see what was going on and gave Torrie a complete check up.  While she was checking out Torrie the vet asked if we had seen her upper thigh area.  We said no and I took a look.  Not what I was expecting.  There was a large mass on her inner thigh area and my heart just dropped.  There was a little blood around the area but not enough to notice and Torrie had never given us any indication that there was such a large mass there.  She played, ran around, did her business and not once did she wimper or cry in pain.  It must have been bothering her but that was Torrie, never letting on she had any issues at all.  Our vet knew us well enough that we were always checking all three dogs out if we thought there was anything wrong but this just made me feel awful.  Torrie needed surgery to remove the mass.

We scheduled the surgery and at the same time the vet would biopsy some of the lumps in various stages of developement and also the mass would be biopsied.  The surgery went well and we brought Torrie home so Duke and Shiloh could see their baby sister.  She had to rest and wear her comfy cone and we had to keep an eye on her surgical area.  A few days later her surgical area was oozing and bleeding so a call to the vet and all we had to do was to put an ice pack to slow the bleeding until it stopped.  The hardest part was waiting for the results but we had hope that the news would be good.  The news would not be what we wanted to hear.

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