Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Charming Torrie Fighting Cancer"

This charm was first made when our German Shepherd, Torrie, was first diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Although her battle was only 39 days she remained brave and stoic throughout her ordeal. She wore this to her visits and treatment and now I have it with me as a reminder of Torrie.

I had requests if it could be made for sale for anyone to purchase and even though it was only for Torrie we have decided to go ahead and make them for sale in her memory so we will donate a portion of the sale price to help other animals who are fighting cancer benefit from research being done. For each charm sold $8.00 will be donated to two foundations: National Canine Cancer Foundation and the Morris Animal Foundation. Tho other $4.00 will be used to buy supplies to keep making the charm. We will also be adding more items to the "Charming Torrie" Collection to raise money through sale of items to donate to the two foundations to help with research into canine cancer and animal cancer.

The charm is made with a large clasp to fit on the D-ring of your dogs' collar along with their tags. It can also be used on their harness with a larger split ring included in case the clasp doesn't fit the D-ring the split ring can be added to the D-ring and then clip the charm on. You can also use it just about anywhere you can clip the clasp on and your pet doesn't have to fighting cancer to purchase the charm. You can purchase it to help animals fight cancer, give to a friend or family member who has a pet fighting cancer or fought cancer and survived or passed on, have for yourself as a reminder of a pet you lost to cancer or any reason you can think of. It would be a wonderful way to help animals fighting this dreadful disease and know you are helping on going research to help find ways to help our furry friends have a chance to survive and live a while longer. So if you ever felt like you don't know how to help a friend or family member deal with the loss of a pet to cancer or while their pet is living with cancer or has survived this would be a great way to do this.

Components of the charm:
Steel split ring 28 mm;
Steel split ring 15 mm;
Steel split rings 6 mm;
Swarovski Xilion Crystal Bicones 4 mm in: Rose(Pink), Aquamarine(Blue), Violet AB, Clear AB;
Eyepins in Gunmetal coated brass 21 gauge, 1.5 inches long;
Clasp with swivel 31.5 mm x 13 mm;
Charms: Believe, St Francis, Never Never Give Up, Heart shape with "LOVE" and Karma.

Comes in Pink and Blue and gift boxed.


 We have sold quite a few of these charms over the past year but the most important aspect is that the money donated from each charm will go to research to help find a cure for canine cancers.  That's what our Torrie was all about, love and giving.  She was such a sweetheart and just seemed to know when someone was feeling right or just needed a love.  She would just nuzzle up to you and look at you with those big brown eyes and everything would be fine and a smile came across your face.  It was just her nature.  And so, when she wasn't feeling good or had serious illnesses, she was very brave and stoic and would never let her own pain overtake her sweet disposition.  For a German Shepherd she was brave and strong, never wimpered in pain or passed up the chance to eat or play! 

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